my sister's dream

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my sister's dream

Post by MaMa on Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:31 pm

my sister does investment for her work. she had a dream several months ago. someone called her and told her that there was a serious flood and suggested that she should go to the upper floors of the building. she asked whether that person who called her had seen her husband and mom. that person said no. my sister then tried to go to the upper floors. the building only has 11 floors. my sister went to the top and saw lots of people there. but when she walked up to the top there were only a few people left and she saw her husband and mom there. then when she walked over to her husband and mom's side all the rest of the people were gone. only three of them left on the top floor. the flood was getting higher and higher. but somehow it never went up to their floor and there were lots of tall buildings around their building. then she saw some buildings coming out of the flood and standing right next to their building. the interesting thing is that their building should be the shortest one, but somehow my sister could see the top of all other tall buildings. she almost felt her building was the tallest one among all the buildings. thanks!

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