Driving a moped in the snow, and not bringing a gift for a birthday party!

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Driving a moped in the snow, and not bringing a gift for a birthday party!

Post by Daisy on Thu May 23, 2013 6:00 am

I had a weird dream of sorts, and it kind of skips around a bit.

There was a part of this dream that I was with a friend, who invited me to her nephews bday party. I went, but realized I forgot to bring a gift. She had two bags of items for her nephew and niece (even though it wasn't her bday at all). Her bag had WAY more presents in it than his (it was very heavy too), and I came to the conclusion that she was very spoiled and that was why she has a hard time with her emotions (irl she does and is seeking counseling, she is only in 1st grade). Before we left the party, I seen that some people were putting their signatures on the ceiling of my friends' sisters home. This was ok with the homeowners, and looked kind of cool in a way, unique. Their home was big and elegant. My friend and I left (not sure where our kids were..lol). We went somewhere together. We ended up in a Child Care Center of sorts, and I was gathering my stuff to go back to the party. There was a part where My friend and I were heading back to the party, and we started by me driving a scooter in the snow. She was on the back of the scooter. I was doing a pretty good job maneuvering in the snow. As we were heading down the highway though, I realized this wasn't safe, and my friend agreed. I thought the roads could get even worse. So we headed back inside to get my keys to drive my car back to the party. I realized that I didn't have car seats for my friends two kids (even though they werent with us, which puzzles me looking back at this part). I voiced this to her, hoping she would offer to drive her car, but she didnt offer. I was feeling lazy, and didn't want to transport the carseats from her car to mine. As I was getting my stuff, there were other parents getting their stuff from the shelves of the child center too. I accidently knocked over someones stuff in their bag, It was a bottle of vodka that started to spill in their bag. I apoligized, yet wondered to myself why this parent would have vodka in a diaper bag, and why it didn't have a lid on it! The parent was standing behind me, waiting for me to get my stuff and move so they could get theirs. They made a snide comment to me about knocking the vodka over when I moved their bag. I said this in a very sweet tone, but I was being sarcastic...I said, "Well, I think a lid for your vodka is a really good idea then, maybe it wont spill." (Keep in mind I did apologize before they snidely commented.) I said this as I walked away, and I had a smile on my face. I wasn't mad or offended at their snide comment, but I didn't hesitate to share my thoughts. My friend was surprised that I made that comment, and kind of giggled about it. I was surprised too, bc Im not a confrontive person. The dream ended with me grabbing my friends' car seats to transport into my car. Another thing to note, is that in this dream, both my friends kids had car seats but irl she only has one child still using a carseat. This part leads me to think she is symbolizing another person in my waking life.

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