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More Weird Dreams

Post by sister on Mon May 20, 2013 12:40 pm

Last week I dreamed that Bishop Noel Jones was in my home and I walked down my hall asking where he was because I wanted him to pray for me. I approach a room in my home it looked like it was my son's room and what I saw in the room was a room full of men of GOD dressed in their clergy outfits and I asked if Noel Jones was still here Noel Jones came out from the midst of them, and I told him that I would be ministering on June 1, 2013 and would he pray for me and he said yes. As he began to pray for me he spoke in my left ear but I really couldn't understand what he whispered and then he whispered in my right ear and began to cry and I began to cry and he said I know you have been hurt by the church but operate in love and I woke up.

Then Last night I started fasting again and before I fell asleep I heard that scripture in Daniel where Daniel began to fast and set his-self to pray before the LORD and I fell asleep. I dreamed that someone ask me to come and pray for the house that they were moving into. And in the room I saw two caucasion people behind a door but I couldn't see there faces but I knew they were there and in front of the door that they were behind was a cherry wood table and the entire inside of the house was cherry wood, but there was no other furniture in the house but that table . So I stood there with the oil in my hand wondering why aren't we starting to anoint the house. And as I waited the house began to fill up with people. I saw two ladies standing in the corner and one was drinking liquor but I thought to myself in the dream I thought these were all Christians in the house so I began to witness to her about salvation and as I did this lady that I knew began to be carnal and tried to prevent me from witnessing to the ladies and I walked away and as I walked away a man was on the floor and the LORD said take your oil and lay hands on him and I did as the LORD said and the LORD spoke to me again and said now grab him by his hand and pull him to his feet and the man was healed and he began to thank GOD. I left that room and began to walk down the hall in another part of the house and I felt the spirit of with craft in that part of the house and as I passed by one of the rooms I saw a little boy that was about 4 to 5 years old molesting his little brother that was no more than 1 to 2 years old. I grabbed him and began to tell him that he was wrong and as I went to find his parent his young mother came down the hall with this old man on her arm and I knew in the dream that this was like her sugar daddy and I asked her is this your son and told her what he was doing to her other son and I knew in the dream that she had three boys not two and as the man began to speak a bath tube appeared in the room out of no where, and the man told the young lady to get into the bath tub fill it with water and he told her to ask the spirit why her son did that. In the dream I felt like it was demonic like it was a spirit of witch craft and I began to try to leave and as I looked for a way out I saw a lady that was in the house watching in a black and white coat and I felt like she dabbed in witch craft also. As I still looked for a way out of there I heard GOD speak to me and tell me not to run stand and pray, but I felt something very evil there the spirit of witch craft so I saw a door and tried to leave but all of a sudden that lady in the black and white coat appeared from where she was standing and tried to stop me from leaving and the LORD spoke to me and said cover yourself from the mold of your head to the soul of your feet and plead the BLOOD OF JESUS and as I did a shield began to surround me and I woke up. Lord what is this I just started the fast and I'm already dreaming. Help me to interpret this.

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