literal and symbolic images in one vision

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literal and symbolic images in one vision Empty literal and symbolic images in one vision

Post by unfailing_love on Mon May 13, 2013 2:43 pm

Lately God has been speaking to me a lot through prophetic pictures but a couple of days ago I saw a few images God told me to write down and 2 of these images were connected and grabbed my attention because one seemed literal and the other symbolic. i was wondering if anyone knew what this means?

Recently God has put a person on my heart that needs me to speak to him about Christ (lets call him James) and bit by bit I'm starting a friendship with him and waiting on the spirit to prompt me when he wants me to say something. The spirit so far has prompted me to add him on facebook and send him some university notes which I did, but I know that now I need to wait.

The first image I saw was of him reading the Bible in his bedroom and then getting baptised in my church. I then asked God when this would happen and I saw beautiful grey clouded skies with a rainbow and the face of an actor that represents someone very significant. I then saw James riding on a horse with knight armour and fighting with a sword in a battle. I then saw other images and lastly James' face consumed with sadness and when I saw this I started declaring in Jesus name that his sadness would be turned to joy and then he started smiling. Straight after this I saw an empty room with an alter and purple petals on the floor.

Any ideas how symbolic and literal pictures work in a series of images when you're praying?

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literal and symbolic images in one vision Empty Re: literal and symbolic images in one vision

Post by Cholette on Fri May 17, 2013 2:37 pm

It seems these are pretty straight forward. It's as if God is showing you his journey. First he was reading the word and getting baptized and then God shows you grey skies...which could represent a not so good season. Even though the grey skies are there the rainbow is his promise regarding the situation. He comes out of that and becomse someone important because that picture of him riding the hourse as a knight armour comes across as "authority". Then he's sad...which is what the enemy does to each of us from different times. We can be riding high and things going well and then he puts a spirit of sadness/depression over us. I believe the empty room, which is where he belongs can be filled through your prayers.

I just believe God is showing you some things about him and giving you prayer points to intercede for him.

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