My ex-fiancee was dressed in white...

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My ex-fiancee was dressed in white...

Post by naidreamer on Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:57 pm

Good Afternoon:

A few years ago I attended a Women's Conference in which one of the speakers stated that she asked God to show her her future husband in a dream dressed in all white. It turns out that she had the dream and her "current husband" was the man God revealed to her. Now, of course, me being curious did the same thing. However, I was disheartened when I had the following dream a few years ago, which was probably a few months to a year after the conference:

In my dream I was in my Middle School's gymnasium with a white wedding dress on awaiting the arrival of my ex-fiancee. Of course in the dream he was going to be my husband. He was walking in the hallway with a white tee-shirt, white sweatpants, and white socks as opposed to a white tuxedo. We never actually got married in this dream but he was dressed in all white.

The reason the above dream was so disheartening is because I don't even like my ex-fiancee anymore. The decision not to marry him by far was one of the best decisions I feel I've ever made. In fact, my friends and family who know him would tend to agree. And don't get me wrong, he's not a bad person, just not for me. We are very different people and I hope and pray that he is not the man I will marry in the future. Can anyone help me with the significance of this dream? Note: I dreamt this years ago but to this day it bothers me.

Sidebar: I can also recall him apologizing to me [for things he's done in the past] in the dream but us never actually getting married.

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