Urgent advice needed

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Urgent advice needed

Post by Sunshine1981 on Sat May 11, 2013 7:34 am

I am a woman who experiences hearing God regularly. I am not always right however I believe that God definitely speaks to me. I am aware of hearing him in my mind and it's very comforting. I often wonder if Something is wrong with me? I had a dream about my future husband and certain characteristics he has. I'm so terrified this is my subconscious but some days I am certain that it is true. I have not met this man yet but have been told all about him. Please can I have some advice as I sometimes feel so confused and I have been praying for discernment. Comments thoroughly welcomed.

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Re: Urgent advice needed

Post by Shan on Sat May 11, 2013 10:15 am

Hi Sunshine! I SOOO want to encourage you! I also have been waiting for a husband that God has promised me --probably longer than you have. He has told me many things in advance about him, yet I've never met him. I treasure the things God has told me and have considered myself blessed to know these things as it reduces greatly the probability of marrying the wrong man.

I must tell you that there are days, even weeks, that I have doubts because the wait has been so long and I have felt weary. God has never spoken to me about my husband through another person, only He has spoken. I have desired prophecies from others about him to gain encouragement along the way, but for some reason God has told me that what He has spoken is enough. I am to wait on Him and trust that He will bring my husband in the right timing. If you hear from God, which I believe we all do, we just don't always recognize Him, then just trust. God loves it when we abide in and trust Him. If you search this website, you'll find there are MANY people who are wondering about their future spouses. God doesn't mind if we ask for confirmation and He will provide it in a variety of ways. Sometimes it IS through another person or a dream or vision, etc. He loves to encourage us!

I want to caution you to consider that your doubts about hearing from the Lord could be lies from the enemy. I have fought this battle many times and I have to remind myself about all the things He has shown Himself to be faithful in other areas of my life.

In order to get my mind off of myself, I have created a list of my friends who are waiting on their mates as well as those who are already married, and have promised to pray for them the very things I want for myself. I will add you to this list!

Hope this encourages you today!
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