Asian Woman Shootout

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Asian Woman Shootout

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Thu May 09, 2013 7:55 am

I had this dream a day ago and it manifested the same day. I'm sharing it to show that it's about something so simple and easily missed and a far cry from anything "serious" that I would have expected:

In the dream, I was at work...or, a place that seemed like work. It was a mix of my current employer and a previous one. The people with me were from my current job.

We started inside my current job - a factory. The machines weren't running at the start of the dream. Seemed that we were waiting on a truck to arrive. We would have to unload the truck, and then whatever other work we were going to do could be done. This part of the dream had a feeling of "everything's done until this truck arrives..." So, as a group, we went outside to sit at some picnic tables. At this point, we were sitting far out in a parking lot of a previous employer, and from where I was I could see the road running alongside the parking lot. We sat at these tables and ate pies. Each person had their own, although I don't remember if I had one or ate one. One of the guys had a pie that was two layers - a pie on top of a pie, and each layer was a different flavor.

I watched the road as a larger van or truck drove past. There was something that looked like a snowmobile or sled running alongside it. Then, I saw the scene unfold: The police were after someone, and it was really serious. Gunfire erupted between the police and an Asian woman. The woman had an unpleasant look to her face. I took cover under or behind the picnic table, and I ordered everyone with me to get down as well. I got a good look at this woman as she ran away past us. None of us were shot or anything, but I don't believe this woman was apprehended. I cannot remember if she hurt any of the police.

The manifestation was nothing like I would have expected. It was simply a conversation. It was literally us guys sitting at the picnic table at work before the day began. The "Shooting" and the "Asian" were two separate comments within seconds of each other - completely unrelated. Basically, one guy made a comment about Asian people as we walked into the building to clock in. Just inside the door was a newly-posted sign-up sheet for a company outing at a shooting range.


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