Israel and a women searching for a guide to the Wailing Wall.

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Israel and a women searching for a guide to the Wailing Wall.

Post by steadygaze on Mon May 06, 2013 7:19 am

Hello Beloved friends may the Lord increase in you in this season.

I woke this morning and then fell into like a trance. I am not sure if I went into a trance or was transported to Israel or not. I just know it was as if I was really there.

I was floating in the sky over Israel in a certain area. As I was looking down I saw a women who looked as if she was dressed up and was in some sort of political office. She seemed as if she was in a huge hurry or was kind of panicky. She walked in this store and she asked if they had an umbrella and this guy handed her one and she bought it. As she bought the umbrella I some how knew in my spirit or something the Umbrella was what she was going to use to hide her face. As I continue to watch the lady asks the clerk if there are tour guides available in her mind she needed a protector. The guy was not sure how to answer that question, there was a feel like there was something up in Israel. The lady was in such a rush she just began to walk and use transport to get to the place she needed to go. Then all of a sudden she reached her destination which was the wailing wall. I just watched her, it was as if that was where she wanted to stay and it was a place of safety for her.

Now what is interesting yesterday while soaking before the Lord with friends the Lord began to speak to me about Israel. I began to see a war brewing and began to decree things out in the spirit. Now I have been out of the loop in regards to Israel because I have been doing allot of traveling. So we know the Lord is placing Israel on the hearts of His people. Intercession is key in this time.
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