Sign dream may come true? Please help

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Sign dream may come true? Please help

Post by Destine on Sat May 04, 2013 5:09 pm

On Wednesday night, I had his dream: I'm in my room picking out a dress in my closet I wore for new years in 2011. My friend (Hope) is with me and helps me put it in a garment bag. We go to Hope's prom, clammed and dolled up. The next day, hope drives to my house with a letter in her hand. it happens to be the letter I wrote her about breaking up with her. She's crying and starts yelling at me.
IRL: the lord told me in December I would need to end our friendship. He spoke through my Mom in January saying some of my friendships needed to end, or they would hinder me. I mailed a letter to Hope about ending it on Thursday. I have seen her today and yesterday while driving through town. Please pray this goes well
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