Visit from a Childhood Friend and Yellow Ribbons around Trees

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Visit from a Childhood Friend and Yellow Ribbons around Trees

Post by rosebush on Fri May 03, 2013 7:15 pm

In this dream I am lounging on the couch in the basement rec room, which is basically a living room in the basement. I see an old childhood friend there -- Lisa Marie. She is so happy to see me. She comes over to me and lays herself on top of me with her face close to mine and tells me that I smell really good. We get up and I show her around the basement, take her into my father's work room, tell her about all the stuff that was in there and how we cleaned it out after he passed away, the garage also. I tell her about him and what a nice man he was.

In the dream I seem disinterested in being a good host to Lisa. My mother wants me to tie several yellow ribbons around the trees in the yard to show that we are participating in an open house going on in the neighborhood. I am not wanting to do this. We end up outside. I'm wanting to go for a bike ride, thinking Lisa has ridden her bike to see me. But Lisa doesn't have a bike to ride and that is where the dream ends.


In real life this Lisa was a childhood friend that didn't transfer over into later years. She was always friendly with me, but it was me that would visit her at her house. I think she stopped by just once. And the friendship didn't last into high school or adulthood, though she had made promise that we would stick together when one of our 3some friendship had moved far away. Sweet friend and friendship at the time. Thanks for reading and any thoughts you have! Rose

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