Scarey Dream

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Scarey Dream

Post by Jaral_Nefertiti on Fri May 03, 2013 4:00 am

I had a dream that scared me awake. I dreamt my boyfriend and I were traveling on this highway with a group of people almost like a tour. It was late so we drove into a town to look for a inn or hotel but as we got to the center of the town the driver ended up driving into a lake that was there. Now the lake wasn't deep as we could still see outside almost as if the bottom of the vehicle was glass. Yet we couldn't get out and there was a small leak in the top left corner of the glass. The people of the town told us that they can't help us until two days later and I woke up scared for us both. We are just recovering from a mountain in our relationship and wish to get married soon. What could this possibly mean?

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