You have to eat what is on your plate before you can receive more.

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You have to eat what is on your plate before you can receive more.

Post by steadygaze on Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:44 am

Hello Beloved ones of the most high. This has been a long season in which dreams have been scarce.


I was at a couples house who are like parents to me. I am in the kitchen eating. As I am eating I see my friend Jeff walking down the street and a white cloud is over his head fallowing him every where he goes and I am like that is so cool and the sun was shining upon him. I turned to my friend I think it was my friend Marie but I could not see her it was a presence like hers and I asked her for more food. I knew if I ate more food I would have more of the Lord. She said to me that I must first finish what was on my plate in order to receive more food and more of the Lord. So I began to hurry up and eat what was on my plate because I was hungry for the more. Then I turned to the presence that was like my friend Marie and I said," I wish I had the white cloud that fallowed over my head." I was not Jealous of Jeff but just hungry to walk in the things of the Lord. And the presence that was with me said," You already walk with the white cloud over your head but you just can't see it, You even walk in the greater things of the Lord already.
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