dream about manifested dreams of great signs and wonders

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dream about manifested dreams of great signs and wonders

Post by Deborah on Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:04 am

I had a dream about other people's dreams. I saw one guy who had a dream about people resurrecting from the dead. He woke up, prayed for a dead person and that person came back to life. Another person dreamed about physical healing and on and on these dreams manifested, one after another.

In the dream, I TOOK IT FOR GRANTED all these dreams would come true. Great signs and wonders were so commonplace and with the dreams foretelling everything, all the guesswork was taken out. You dreamed about it? Then it happened, as simple as that. So while I was excited in this dream and the great signs and wonders were awesome, I was still like ho hum....another resurrection from the dead? Great! Pass me an apple. lol!
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