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Post by Macleod on Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:47 pm

In my dream I was back at my childhood home, in a car, on (maybe next to) the road (parked), with two men in the car with me.

One man had a darker skin tone and was going to visit his home in Jerusalem. The other man in the car was his superior, his boss, who had given this man permission to go to Jerusalem but reminded him that when he got back, he had to buy and bring back building material. I thought he had to do this before he went away but when I asked my husband (who was the overall boss), he said the man was to bring the building material back with him on the Monday after he returned. I realized then that the man was going for 3 days.

The man was now rubbing oil on my legs. I felt bad for him as I didn't want to be holding him back from going on his trip.

I was then moving over/above houses in Jerusalem, I felt that the man was with me. I kept looking for the main part of this city and then I saw it, the city with a wall around it and sensed that there was a temple within this city. I knew people would want to live as close as possible to the city. The houses spread out far around the city wall but I noticed there was one area where there was still room to build more houses near the city.

Back in the car, the one who was this mans superior, gave him a 500 (currency unknown) note and told him to use half of this amount for the building material, he then said he could use more than half (I felt that he was being generous and basically saying he could use some of this money for his trip).


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