Expected To Be Shot...and Three Kittens

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Expected To Be Shot...and Three Kittens

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:53 am

Here's a dream that bothered me while I was in it, but I suppose that it ends well. The dream begins with a few details that don't seem connected to the rest of the dream. First, I had to recount a particular type of raw material from work. It's one that I prepared for 3rd and 1st shift's day, which would have been Sunday night through most of this morning. At first, I doubted that I had enough, but in the end I guess I was ok. The other detail was that my niece was in a small, one-room classroom about the size of a small bedroom. This room was off of where I was, which was a factory or industrial setting. There was a bed in there, I believe, and she was going to be staying overnight...?

Next, the main part of the dream: I'm in some gang house with my niece and a bunch of kids her age - they seemed like they would be her classmates. The place was dim and gray. There's gang members all around, and the place had a feeling like we were stuck there, captive. I could feel hostility from the gang members, but they didn't do anything - although it constantly felt like they would, at any moment. I was stuck in this place. Then, a man challenges me to a fight. This man was shorter than I was and did not appear all that strong. I knew that I could take him. He was loud, and full of "talk." Even though I could beat him in a fight, I couldn't actually act against him. If I fought him, this would definitely trigger the surrounding gang members to attack. So, I had to take this guy's abuse.

Next, I'm near the entrance to this place. A man bursts through the entrance with a gun. I crouched on the ground a few feet in front of him and covered my head. I was plainly visible. I stuck one arm out in front of me, pointing at all the other gang members. This man who just arrived also seemed gang-related, but not to this one. I sat on the ground in this position, expecting to be shot. I braced myself, anticipating the feeling of hot metal piercing my body...but, I didn't. He didn't shoot me.

I got up and found my niece. Or...I may have covered her while this guy was shooting everyone else. The order isn't clear to me. When I found her, I had this feeling that I was done, here. Not a feeling of completion - more like I was through, a hopeless feeling, I guess. Like there was no more reason to go on.

However, the dream ends with me having three small cages, each with a kitten inside. They were all similar - same age, same type, but different coats. The colors were pretty similar, but there were slight differences in shade and pattern. I took them out of their cages and placed them together on a bed. They all had different meows. One of them seemed more important to me than the other two, but they were all important - and they gave me a reason to continue.

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