A demonic presence?

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A demonic presence?

Post by Chi on Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:43 am

A couple of months ago (7-9-12) I had a dream that I was laying down next to a snake, it was thin and it seemed as though I was finding comfort from it. When I awoke I thought, that's strange I thought snake dreams were demonic/negative so why would I find comfort from it? When I shared this with relatives they thought it was positive too.

Anyway, yesterday I was at a work related function which I felt went exceptionally well, the boss on this particular project I have been finding a little strange of late and quite recently we have been working in close proximity. The boss pulled me up on something which was so 'strange' as the general perception of the day from another colleague on this project was so positive, yet the boss reacted in an extreme manner enough to make me silent/pause, it was so scary!

Last night I had such a disturbing dream and I recall quite clearly the last part, it seemed as though I was praying or trying to pray and calling on God I touched the side of my bed because I felt some kind of heat when I looked over I saw this nasty 'being' if you can call it that laying beside me I thought it was black and I couldn't make out its face it was awful! I responded by hitting it and pushed it out of sight its like to fight it was me retaliating. Then I awoke, early this evening I received an email from this boss terminating my involvement in this project. I suddenly thought about this dream and wondered if this was connected or is it just me, what is this all about I'm in a daze...

Because I have also experienced God giving me prior warning about things I did wondered why He didn't warn me not to sign/get involved in this additional project. Surely the first dream above couldn't have been it because there wasn't enough info to make the association... or did I get too comfortable with someone without Gods approval???

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