Repost: The rescued baby and coins

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Repost: The rescued baby and coins

Post by justicarjamie on Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:53 am

A Guy and myself saved a baby from a bad household. I was trying quickly to get home, but had to run along what seemed like mountains but these large creatures used them to walk on. The mountains were flat on top and I had to crouch real low to not get stepped on.

Finally I made it home, the guy was there too with the baby. He had to take a shower so I watched the baby until he was out. I found I didn't mind watching him. When the guy came out from the shower I went in. The next day I was coming home from work and my mother was with me. I didn't see the baby or the guy, but kept finding letters written around the house that said "Hey Guy, (it said his name but I don't remember it) don't forget to pack some karma for your trip!" I thought that was a weird message to write to oneself, but I went on the computer to find them, and thought I saw a picture on the camera, but I just found another of those notes. As I thought, I saw beside the note a coin, and the light reflected off the coin in a rainbow, and led to another coin, and so on about 5 times. After the last coin I saw the guy hiding in a dark place under a cabinet and he was smiling at me. The guy could have been my husband, but from the dream I can't tell exactly.
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