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Work Materials Out of Place

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:22 pm

I had this simple dream last night and it manifested about 10 minutes into my workday right after I had a conversation with a coworker about dreams. The guy actually stopped me in the parking lot to tell me a dream, and so I told him one as well. I figured I'd share since it was pretty much literal, although the details weren't 100%. It's work-related, so I'm sorry if the details are boring. :)

I was on a raised floor at work that's up a set of stairs. This location exists in real life. On this level were two crates of raw materials. They both had the same appearance because they came from the same manufacturer (Lanxess). However, they contained two different materials. They were both on the edge of this level against a railing. In the dream, I knew that they shouldn't (or couldn't) be there. The ledge that they were on isn't wide enough to place such things on. I really mean that it's physically impossible - these will not fit here in real life. Still, I thought about how I'd get them down, and I seemed to have come up with a way.

The manifestation:

In real life, I began my shift by checking to see what materials were staged for use upstairs at a workstation in the factory. One of them was going to be really close, quantity-wise, so I figured that I better send up another skid just to make sure we didn't run out. I went back downstairs to the warehouse to find more of this material. Someone from the previous shift had placed two of them on the lowest shelf of this racking that we have. The boxes are kind of slender, but the shelf is still really only designed to hold one skid of anything. The 2nd skid of the same material was hanging over the edge of the shelf by a couple inches. Immediately, the dream came to mind and was obviously about this. And this material is also in a box marked "Lanxess" - the shape of the box and the amount that it holds is different from the ones in the dream. So, yeah - I fixed their problem and sent one of them upstairs for use.

Such a simple, harmless dream. And yet, because it's absolutely non-threatening...since I shared it with a coworker, it still amazed him since he couldn't deny that real-life fit the dream. Long story, short - God is definitely at work in my coworkers. They may not be open to an "in your face" approach for sharing the Gospel, but they know what I believe and they can see God doing things like this that slowly works against their resolve. Believe me, there's conversations (from things like this) that would never have happened a year ago.

Sorry for the ending rant. :)

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