Waterfall, tree, and beaten boy

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Waterfall, tree, and beaten boy

Post by knockingonthedoor82 on Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:38 pm

In the beginning of the dream I was reading a history book with so many different stories I had not heard yet. One sketch in the book caught my eye. It was a pencil (I think, maybe chalk) drawing of a small boy in a tree, beaten terribly hanging on for dear life. Then a male "narrator" started to speak. & I began to see the story. The small boys dad had beaten him terribly and thrown him over the side of a waterfall, but there was a tree and the boy (narrator speaking while watching it) wanted to live (I was surprised the boy wanted to live and made that decision right then beaten and skin torn while he was being tossed over a waterfall by his own dad) so he grabbed onto the tree and held on. I watched as the boy slid and slid and slid for what seemed like miles down the tree as he tried to hold on. He did not let go but he did not stop sliding. He could not get himself stopped from the toss he had been given.
I knew the bark was tearing the boys skin as he slid down the tree. It lasted so long. I was sad for the boy. I did not know how it could be stopped so I just watched. Then the tree ended, just as I was about to turn away and he was out of the reach of the tree falling into the waterfall where he would surely die. Then, the tree became alive and grabbed the boy, reached out and stretched and grabbed the falling child, and saved him from his doom. He was still bloodied, and beaten, he had still been tossed aside but the tree grabbed him and walked away with the boy in his branches, holding him. and I heard, "Is anything impossible for the Lord?" But the tree was sad, he was looking down and shaking his "head" with a heavy sadness and disapointment. This was the story in the history book. There were more spectacular stories as this.

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