Pushing Oprah along

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Pushing Oprah along

Post by MrsLena on Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:59 am

I have had several dreams regarding certain celebrities. I also had an Oprah dream a few mths ago but that was more so centered around my husband, and since then there has been a physical manifestation of honor and exceptional promotion.

In the dream, I was standing somewhere and Oprah sought me out, like she was seeking advice, then I immediately took her out of the building, turning her into a wheelbarrow and pushing her quickly. While we were outside on the streets, she now took off, and was joving over breaks and the pavements. I was imitating her and wondering how she had the energy to do all that. We finally got to a bus stop, and everyone driving by was like "wow there goes Oprah:. I took 2 pics with her, and a college friend of mine came with her son and posed for a pic with her.

Thats all I remember.

Please I would appreciate if anyone can offer input.
When I look at it it can be 2 things, either my role in helping someone achieve their destiny, or it could be that in the dream, I represent both myself and Oprah. Myself in the dream is my spiritual self, pushing my physical self towards the path God has forged.

God bless you all

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