Visit to a Very Good Friend's House

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Visit to a Very Good Friend's House

Post by rosebush on Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:30 pm

Dream has me visiting my very good Friend Mary's house. This friend is gifted with the sweetest walk of Christianity that I have ever witnessed. I told her once that she was like a national treasure. She only declared that she was worried she would get a big head for me telling her this. I just had to say how remarkable her personal ministry is, so that is understood.

This house has a really odd layout. The living room is just extremely narrow, small cramped and seems to be a trailer house attached to the rest of the house. It's pretty full of people just all over the place, like a gathering or party, possibly family, all mixed ages and variety of people. In the living room I meet Mary's daughter, only she doesn't look like Mary's daughter IRL at all, but is Sheryl, the woman I met at the church rebuild. I note she seems nothing like her mother and that her teeth are very strong and look like she could bite someone's head off -- just like Mary's daughter IRL (LOL). I believe I even share this with my mother who is sitting next to me.

Next I enter into the kitchen. There are some crock pots on the counter and I believe I have a small crock pot at the back counter that seems hardly touched, but Sheryl brought this mighty huge crock pot that was really a mess but it had really been eaten from. I lift the lid and Sheryl informs me that it is hers from what sounds like a meeting she had just been to -- as in this is what is leftover. I note the kitchen has many similarities to the kitchen I have in my home.

Without any forethought, I find myself squatting over what I think is a toilet in the kitchen near a kitchen island, as in ready to go #2. Sheryl walks by and asks me what am I doing? She says can't you see there are toddler pampers (or something like that) in there. I told her no, I didn't see them. I am finding small squares of toilet tissue to wipe with that hardly do the job, like I used to find at gas station bathrooms years ago, feeling embarrassed at having to wipe in the kitchen. I get off what I think is a toilet and realize it is a trash can, do see several diaper type things inside, no #2 whatsoever.

I decide to clean up the mess and go into the basement, seeing a lot of party/game type activity going on with kids down there, wood paneling walls everywhere, then enter into an extra segment to the house where I know it is Mary's living quarters, hidden away. It is odd, unfinished, many of the rooms seem open with no closure, until I get in the back end where the bathroom and her bedroom are. And the walls/motive are a pattern of cardboard bricks, something similar to what I remember my older sister having as cardboard packing boxes back in the 60's-70's. It did look like the 60's-70's type motive, very plain, earthy and nothing finished. I found the bathroom door and leave the waste basket there outside the door. The place is pretty unclean/unkempt. I see good friend Mary has run after me to take care of the issue. Maybe I am a little uncomfortable at discovering the unfinished part of the basement so I just leave the basket instead of cleaning it up like I'd planned.

Upon exiting the house, I look to see just where the portion of Mary's personal living quarters are located under this house but can't imagine they are under the house but right next to, all underground. It all seems unfathomable that whole section of foundation is under just the ground right next to this house on visual inspection.

Now I'm on my way home to an old duplex I used to live (often about division or dividing things for me). It is getting late and my car breaks down on the way home so I have to walk the rest of the way into the inner city. I have my car key out as I approach the house but realize I have no house key, am concerned about getting back inside and about my kids who are home alone. I enter into the front door and the front door is wide open. It has an inside door as well that isn't locked and I go in to find my kids OK and a nice man from upstairs has been watching them for me. The kids are little like they were when we lived back there. I am talking to the man for a while and I see son Benjamin running out into the street out front with a friend and I am hollering at him to get out of the street and watch out for cars.


May pertain to issues of offense. I opened scripture to Luke 2:46-52, about honoring human relationships in addition to honoring God. Seems about protection as well. Thanks for reading!

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