Weird Dream

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Weird Dream

Post by sister on Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:44 pm

I had a dream of my mom she passed about 10 years ago. I was lying in her bed and her back was toward me and I was hugging her. We were talking about her not wanting to live with my sister who just passed away about 1 month ago. We were praying in the dream about my mom finding another place to live. In the dream my mom was ill, just as she was before she passed. What is this............................? When I dream I always try the spirit to see if the dream was prophetic are if it was fleshly. So I ask myself what were you thinking about before you went to sleep what was on my mind. 2nd I ask myself what did you watch on t.v. before you went to sleep and 3rd I think about what I ate before I went to sleep, because eating late at night or over eating will sometimes cause bad dreams. I didn't do either so please help me to interpret this dream.

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