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I was in my house and my mother was there as well. I had to get the mail. I left my kids in the car because we had just got home. As I go get my mail a lady with short blond hair and glasses come to me in her car. She had sold avon and was delivering the items. I did not buy any but for some reason she had left all tha stuff with me. As I was heading back inside her door had accidentally caught my clothes. From here I end up in her back seat and were talking about needing to leave and get to a safe place before an earthquake that was reported to take place arrived. I was walking back to my house and all of a sudden the house next to mine and my house are completely gone. All that is left is ash from where it was supposed to be. Then I look at my house again and yell because my mom and daughter were inside. I start walking to where the door frame was and see her alive and well jumping on a bed that was in the front room. Every house after my house was completely gone and all of my children were fine. All I kept thinking was my mom is safe and my children were in the car and it did not destroy a thing they were on. It was like there was an earthquake but it looked like a bomb had went off

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