Signing wedding certificate

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Signing wedding certificate

Post by Jazzy on Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:09 pm

I had a dream I went to class early to marry one of my classmates (I moved seats a few weeks ago and sit beside him in class now actually. I'm married and so is he in reality). I walked into a classroom (looked more like a high school classroom) and noticed some of my classmates were there. I whispered to him that I only expected his friends to be here that's why I thought we wanted to come early.

It was more like a court wedding as the judge spoke the vows. My classmate stood up in front of him in the front of the class. I sat down at a desk in the classroom to act like I was observing because I was embarrassed and didn't want my classmates to know him and I were marrying. The judge did not acknowledge me in the vows, only my classmate. At the end, everyone in the classroom clapped for him.

Either he or the judge walked over to me and handed me a packet to sign. From my periphery I could see a few of my classmates whispering and asking each other if I was the one he was marrying. Prior to this, initially in the dream it felt assumed in the atmosphere among my classmates the marriage was something between him and his wife although she wasn't there because she actually lives in another state with his family. Only him, his friends and I knew the true motive.

I flipped through the pages to see where I needed to sign, but wasn't exactly sure where I was supposed to sign. I then had sudden thoughts if I should really be doing this because I wondered if this was legal, I just remembered he was Buddhist (I haven't seen him do Buddhist things or talk about it before in reality though), and by signing this if it would make my current marriage annulled. In my dream I tossed out those thoughts as if it wasn't a big deal! Overall I felt it was for the betterment of my classmate, and I just ended up signing it and handing it over without embarrassment.

I woke up and was surprised I signed it because in reality I'd never do anything like that to jeopardize my marriage. I understand marriage in dreams may represent a contract or starting something new. I'm assuming this has something to do with school. By doing whatever may be new, I wonder if I will be annulling something current but knowing it's for the better. Are there further thoughts about this?

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