She had something to do with the number thirteen

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She had something to do with the number thirteen

Post by angelabraham on Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:21 pm

In this dream, I was inside of an apt. when I saw my friend walking with a female. He was walking a dog on a leash and she was walking a cat on a leash. They walked side by side. Later I was inside of what seemed to be a house church. I saw my friend and the woman sitting on a couch together in the side in the front. For some strange reason the female was either thirteen or her number was thirteen... His number was twenty nine or he was twenty nine. I was standing in the back. I noticed the females parents standing to the side where I was. The father seemed to be the pastor of the church. I told them about their daughter, that she was having sexual relations and not married. They seemed irritated that I told them. They did not like that I did. They denied that she was doing anything wrong. It was as if they knew she was sinning, but covered her sins up.
Later, I was inside of an apt, that I shared with my friend. He snuck into the apt. without noticing that I was standing inside. He had the females cat with him. He began to get things from the apt. It was as if he where sneaking, hoping I didn't catch him. Anyway, He was upset that I did this. He and I ran to the Jacuzzi, I told him the cat would be fine. When I reached the cat it looked electrocuted from the light inside of the Jacuzzi. It was dead. I told him not to tell the church what I had done, and I would not tell them about him. Then I looked up at him and asked him if he where going to marry the female, he looked at me and said no, because I still love you.could some one interpret this for me? Thanks

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