Son, Secret Door

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Son, Secret Door

Post by rosebush on Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:35 pm

Could use some help with this dream that may speak to difficulty I am having with a son who has brain issues and also an African-American relative with a son who also has brain issues.

I am at an old duplex in the slums of inner city. We actually lived here for 10 years when son was at the age he is in this dream. The single-fam home that was transformed into a duplex often speaks to division, or that something is being divided/judged/discerned for me.

First I notice an ice cream coney multi colored house. It is a pale yellow in dream just as it was IRL, but this house has many shutters, even extra shutters that are different colors. Seems the orange ones are not even in the normal place next to a window. I decide to take off the pastel orange colored shutters and paint them. I am choosing a tan shade in the dream, thinking it will match with the house, but realize it is more of a complementing color match than an exact match to anything and that is OK. I am talking it over with an unknown individual with me.

Little son Matthew is maybe 7 yo and I have finished washing the dishes and getting him to help me carry the dishes to put them away. They are a bubble glass design, like maybe an old style pattern that we had inherited from a family cabin we had, and I am having him carry stacks of them to put away in another area, maybe dining. As he goes off to a door at the side of the house, down some stairs, I notice the stack seems like it may be too large for him. Thinking they may shatter, I call him back and unload him a bit. Then I suggest an easier way for him to get to where he is going, heading towards the back of the house and up some stairs up to a landing of a staircase that turns right. There is a door he finds on the stair landing that we end up going through. This house has a different layout inside than it did IRL, however, some of the features of the house are similar to the old duplex and also cousin's house, such as the staircase with a turning landing in the middle. I am made aware in the dream that my cousin Vivienne's house (the cousin who has an adult son with extra difficulties mindwise) also has a similar door. Somehow this door leads out back to the garage. So we are in the garage going through a place that seems to be numbered, don't know how else to explain it. But it has an exit to the street, which we go out. I am made aware that this is like a house hand man's door, such as a barn hand only for the house, and two black women are there with us, making a comment that it is a ringing witch door. Not certain I remember exactly what the woman called it.


I have of course prayed many prayers for this son with extra issues. My cousin has as well. We have both struggled to know how and what to do with these young men who have not been very successful at living and working in what we would consider an ordinary way or displaying ability to care for themselves independently. Wonder about my painting the shutters and also about the ringing witch door comment. Again recently wondering if I should be suggesting he stay with some friends he is visiting, try to get work there so I have been seeking God again ???

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