My Mother, A Big Bike, & A Spring Rain

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My Mother, A Big Bike, & A Spring Rain

Post by sword&scepter on Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:30 pm

Greetings true believers & fellow visionaries. This morning I dreamed that I was coming from a long walk and needed to go further.
The scene began with me stopping at a home that I did not recognize but did recognize it being on a street in my home town. Kinda familiar to a block we lived on back in 1979 & '80. I walked into a little shed under an awning and saw a couple of bikes there, one was totally jacked up and the other was a very big mountain/beach cruiser type of bike. The big one was red with silver handle bars and a silver seat lift. My mother came out and I don't remember our conversation but I remember letting her know that I had to continue on since it was dark and raining and I had another place to get to.

She pulled out the big red bike from under the awning for me to ride but I just wanted to continue walking but she told me it was okay just give it a try or something of that nature. I grabbed a hold of the bike and saw that it was huge and built for someone like Shaq Oneil or somebody and also noticed how high the seat was and how long the handle bars were. Then I looked to the bottom and saw some type of rope/chain hanging off and was done with it. But of course my mom being my mom was like "All you have to do is_ _ _ " . So still being with doubt I wrapped the chain/rope thing around the bottom pole of the bike and got on.

I hopped on carefully and the seat began to fit me better and also, the long handle bars bent to accommodate me as they bent right towards me .....I smiled and mom was in the back holding the rear back tire and and had a really big smile on her face as she pushed me off to ride. (It was if I was a little kid and getting my first riding lesson) I then rode off into the rainy night in the city.

Can anyone discern the meaning of this?

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