Mark 5:21-43 Healing Dream

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Mark 5:21-43 Healing Dream

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Wed Dec 31, 2008 1:30 pm

DECEMBER 19, 2008
A former store owner of my restaurant asked me to come in and pray for this girl that seemed dead (similar to the story of the 12-year-old girl who was sick and dying in the book of Mark). I followed her to this room, where she was lying on this large white bed (this little girl looked similar to how my ex's daughter looks in real life). The girl was tossing and turning and wailing in apparent pain. As people gathered around the bed and outside of the door, they waited to see if I had the "power of healing" in my hands. I told others to stand outside of the door as I begin to preach a "sermonette" lol! on Mark 5. In particular, I spoke about how Jairus' daughter was near death and he begged for Jesus to come and heal the little girl. Only Jesus and about three apostles (apparently the ones he was closest to) were allowed inside the room. I said, SOME OF YOU IN YOUR HEART DON'T EVEN BELIEVE THIS LITTLE GIRL COULD BE HEALED. As I continued to talk, the little girl began to move around some more (she looked uncomfortable; one eye was closed and the other eye was badly bruised). People kept calling my name to get my attention. I said, "GOD GETS THE GLORY". I know I had prayed IRL before for my nephew's healing but for some reason I was a little nervous about this particular moment maybe because the large amount of people that were watching. What if God didn't come through? What if after all this faith in God, I would be disappointed and people would laugh? Would God deliver instantly?

Moments later, I'm on this big charter bus with a sister of mine (the same one who would keep in touch quite frequently with my ex in the past) and I hear on the radio htat the little girl has a "heart beat" and is moving around and doing much better. I turn to my sister and tell her that I WAS THE ONE THAT PRAYED EARLIER. She is impressed. I see crowds of people going to see the baby, just like the radio personality suggested they would. I see Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglass with a friend walking towards the scene. Michael Douglass has on a black suit and his usual white hair is blonde now with a low ponytail (strange?) Even Hollywood is involved! thumbs :cute:
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