Floating in my dream

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Floating in my dream

Post by IVYOSUOLALE on Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:15 am

In this dream I was attending a Christian event. At some point my husband picked up the microphone and was speaking/praying. I did not really accept his word though I was at peace. I felt what he was saying was not for me. Others accepted it and it was fine by me. I just smiled as they were listening. The next scene had 2 pastors in it one of Mediterranean or near east origin and the other negro. I had never seen either of them before. They were both praying over people by the laying of hands or lifting of hands as people filed down to the front. When it was my turn I didn't want the Mediterranean pastor to pray over me and I wondered how I would insist on whom I wanted. People were being slain in the Spirit. The Mediterranean pastor would lift people's hands and this would happen. The other guy would place his hands. I got the pastor I wanted. When it came to my turn he didn't touch me but brought out what looked like a switch blade made completely of silver metal. He had it jack-knifed with the angle pointed towards his right. He seemed to direct it towards a light which was reflected upon me. It was extremely bright and was getting progressively brighter. I seemed to be absorbing it all. I was totally weak as though completely surrendered to this light. I felt myself falling backwards as though being slain in the Spirit but before reaching the ground I started to float. People around looked at what was happening in awe. After a while they continued their business while I kept floating around.
I then noticed going feet first and destroying the pulpit of the Mediterranean pastor. He was no more visible at the time.
I started floating to the upper level and over all the people there wondering when it would end. I then land edge on a woman as though waking her or startling her.

I felt as though I was revealing something.
After you've interpreted this dream what do I do?

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Re: Floating in my dream

Post by Mia Sherwood on Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:39 am

I think this dream is prophetic for a powerful experience with the Lord, coming soon. Let us know what happens.


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