Our son fell over a cliff!

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Our son fell over a cliff!

Post by exo152 on Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:19 pm

My husband dreamed last night that he and I and our youngest son were walking along a the top of winding cliffs. He said there was a narrow sidewalk along the edge and no railing. He told our son to be careful (our son is kind of klutzy irl). But right after he told him, our son fell over the edge and when we looked over he was lying at the bottom of the ravine, body twisted and clearly dead. My husband awoke, horrified, and immediately went to check on our son as he slept. He has even called today from work to make sure he is alright. Anyone have any insight on this one? I will add that it is not uncommon for my husband to dream of us or our children being attacked, hurt or killed. He also dreams very symbolically. Thanks!
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