Please interpet my dream

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Please interpet my dream

Post by LovetoworshipJesus on Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:32 am

thumbs I had a dream i was holding an infant in my arms in a house setting. then The man who I have been dreaming about for about 2 years he was in another room then he comes over to me smiling.

Also dream number 2

I dream about the same man he is in a classroom setting with the door open but the classroom is empty only he is in the back of the classroom sitting looking out of the classroom and he is looking at me but my back was turned . But in the dream I was like sitting in maybe the hallway next to the classroom where he was in. But some lady was next to me and I was talking and laughing, and I could hear my self laughing and I could feel my face laughing and talking while I was dreaming. I had this dream today.
The weird part was they was puting a long jacket over me. Maybe like a trench coat. Like they were covering me. In the dream he had on a light jacket. The man face was not happy and it was not sad either.

Please interpet my dream thanks God blessing be upon you
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