Mom being rebuked by Pastor's wife

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Mom being rebuked by Pastor's wife

Post by Destine on Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:07 am

In my dream, I am in a jet traveling with my mom to a speaking event.
My former pastor is leading this congregation(he's not at his previous church)
He seems very happy and sincere to see us, his wife is very accomidating towards us. As my mom prepares her notes for a run though, our present pastor and his wife come in. Our pastor's wife says to my mom "Why are you speaking here? You should be at our church. You haven't even spoken at your home church!" my mom concurs with "I go where God releases me to speak," then her husband begins to say to our former pastor: "You don't deserve this, all the wrong you have done to others. I should have this platform." former pastor disagrees and says God had to break him down and lead him to apologize to the ones he's hurt. The bickering continues until a church member comes in. He says "Pastor, this man has done wrong by others, but you don't know everything. He has apologized and yes he's made amends (talking about my family) with her family. God is still using him"
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