stars falling from the sky and long winter

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stars falling from the sky and long winter

Post by Josephine2013 on Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:53 pm

I had a dream last night that I was sharing a bed with my ex (who is the father of my unborn baby and i will refer to him as B in this story) and his partner (also mother of his two other children that he has gone back to, will refer to her as C in this) and we were getting along, sometimes he would cuddle and kiss me and other times he would do that to her, but as time went on he would do it less with her and more with me, it was like it naturally went that way, anyway then one day B and I were walking and it was dusk and I noticed a cloud kind of burst and drop from the sky, I saw another and I said "B, look at the clouds!! They are falling from the sky!" And he saw it too, it kept happening and it started getting darker when we realised they were stars falling from the sky! We saw people running and they were scared, not everyone was scared though. We saw people with little lights in their hands and we saw that they were carrying the stars that had fallen to the ground. We looked at the ground and saw them too and picked one up each and carried them around as well, we couldn't believe we were holding the fallen stars in our hands! It became winter time for awhile and it snowed. Winter lasted longer than it was supposed to so it was about 4 or 5 months long instead of the normal and people were getting sick of it and starting to complain about the snow, then we were at a beach in the water and I think we were swimming out to a boat, C was also swimming and for some reason people were calling out who B was to them, so someone said "he's my friend!" and another said "Hes my son!" etc and then C called out "he's like my brother" and she meant it and I said "he's my lover" and she looked at me (still in the water) and said "still? You both still love each other like that?" And I simply said yes. I knew their relationship had naturally become like brother and sister whereas mine and his still had that kind of love and everyone was happy.

I have only just had some major breakthrough with God in this situation the night before so Im wondering if hes speaking to me about it

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