Black Tree

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Black Tree

Post by April29 on Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:11 am

I had a dream one night about a tree that was settled in the middle of a forest. The tree was very big, and solid. But the tree was jet black. It was so dark that the tree looked dead. It did not have any leaves on it or any signs of life really except that it wasn't decaying. Around the tree was a wooden privacy fence that is normally used around houses. As I stood several feet away I noticed that the fence had a hole in it. As I moved closer toward the fence still looking at the tree, I heard thunder and then a lighting bolt came out of the sky and struck the top the tree. When the bolt struck the tree, it set the top of the tree on fire and ignited small fires on different parts of of the tree. When I looked at the fires on the tree, I noticed that the tree was not being consumed, but rather in the fire, I could see healthy green leaves. After I noticed the leaves in the fires, there would come a huge rush of water, I guess equivalent to something like a really big tsunami, that would overtake the tree and put out the fire on the tree. As soon as the water would subside, I would hear the thunder and a lightning bolt would come down and strike the top of the tree again, igniting the fires. This happened two or three times. I had this dream a while ago so I can't remember if it happened a third time, but I think it may have.

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