car under water

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car under water

Post by Allsmiles on Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:01 am

Had this dream last night after I went to bed asking for the Lord to show me what is really going on around me.

I dreamed that I was driving there was water under my car on the road. Before I knew it the water got deeper than I thought, and my car was underwater (No feelings of fear, other than an ohh no, I need help.) Before I decided to stop driving there were two large fishing boats in front of me. The way that the boats were positioned, even if my car could move thought the water, the car could not fit between the two large fishing boats. I should also note that they seemed to be stationary behind some sort of wooden enclave. I sort of felt hopeless and left the car to go and get help. This is kinda weird but I didn't swim though the water but sort of floated. I know that I was floating because I remember almost landing on a wet duck and 2 sleeping squirrels.

Once on land, I found some of my church family (good friends) sitting on the doc enjoying free frozen yogurt. They offered me some. I accepted and told them that my car was stuck and I needed help getting it out. Some of them left to help me but we couldn't find the road to get back to my car and before I knew it they stopped looking and went back to the doc where the others were. I remember crying about still owing so much on a car that I couldn't find.

I woke up and thought the dream was just from feeling overwhelmed with college and work.. still very unsure about the stuck car.
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Re: car under water

Post by Mia Sherwood on Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:31 pm

The symbolism in the dream would tell me that you are overwhelmed because where you are at there is not really anyway to change paths and you can't just quit school because of how much you owe, it would be a waste of money.

Others around you aren't in the position you are in and can't really empathize with you although they'd like to help take your mind off your problems and there isn't much they can do to help even if they tried.

The thing is, are you asking God for help? I think that He is waiting for you to amp up your prayer life and to seek Him for help with your feelings and with your situation.

Pray for answers, direction, and provision. He's got it all and this dream is to show you that you really need Him and we really need to earnestly seek Him in prayer about the things that we need because He wants there to be no mistake when we ask and then He provides so that we understand that He is our God and He is able but He is waiting for us to ask so there is no mistake about where our provision came from.

I sure hope that made sense.


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