4/1/2013 Dream

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4/1/2013 Dream

Post by MRSB on Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:10 am

4/1/2013 Dream

Part 1

I was in my parents home which was very nice. I loved the interior decorating. I've dreamed of this home before but it wasn't in use previously. The furniture was covered and the house was dark before. In this dream it was fully functional. I had a male friend in the dream which led me to the living room to sit on a couch.. I've never met him or seen him in real life but I did take note that he was extremely attractive. He cleared this large oval table (I think it was a gray marble) that was in front of the couch before I sat down. I happily sat down. I then saw a bug then knew that I was about to engage in warfare with someone that had super villian powers. (similiar to bat man) The male friend then led me up some steps where we sat together and talked. I knew I was engaged in warfare, knew I was winning but did not actually participate in the fight. I just remembered being so happy.

Part 2

The dream shifted and me & the friend were on the front porch. A married couple which were my friends in the dream walked over. The female stated that their family is spending time together so they would not be able to visit. I smiled and told her it's ok. I was thinking that I was so busy that I wouldn't have tim anyways. My male friend led me to a building that I've seen in a previous dream. In the previous dream it was vacant with an exception of a floor that was a dormitory that I was staying at. In this dream, when he led me inside it transformed into a mall. We sat on a mall bench. His neice and her husband walked up. He was giving his neice advise. I just sat smiling.

Part 3

The last part of the dream is that I was in back seat of the car and with the male friends family. I don't know who was driving but it was crowded and I was in the middle. I noticed my head was always turning to the right. I was holding his neice's fairly new baby to my chest and I kept saying that this baby is so cute. My male friend sat to the right extremely close to me. Shoulder to shoulder-hip to hip. It prompted me to see if he was married because I took note again on how attractive he was. I did see a gold band on his hand. I then thought, he's married to the church.

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