A WOLF....I've SEEN BEFORE..In DREAMS & VISIONS...Plus A White Dog & Witchcraft

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A WOLF....I've SEEN BEFORE..In DREAMS & VISIONS...Plus A White Dog & Witchcraft

Post by sword&scepter on Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:20 pm

Greetings Fellow Visionaries & True Believers... I had a dream of being invited to a informal reunion of high school and college friends. I don't know who invited me but I arrived with someone. As I walked into an unfamiliar rowhome in my hometown (supposedly) I saw about a dozen people and only one did I recognize as a childhood friend. The others I did not recognize but in my dream state they supposedly attended high school with me. Within minutes all of their clothes changed into sky blue shirts and sweaters and blue jeans or slacks. More people came into the gathering as a young man spoke, I don't remember his words but I think he was a former classmate turned pastor.

As people dispersed to different rooms to mingle I went upstairs to the front bedroom with a woman who was a fellow photographer like myself. We compared our cameras and I really like hers because of the size and the expensive lens. As we looked out the window we could see some snow on the ground and in the middle of the street up on the next block. I saw something up the street but had to use my camera to see it closer.., it was kinda blurry so I racked focused and zoomed in for a clearer view. Laying in the middle of the street was a large wolf who was obviously killed by a snowplow or large truck, evidenced by the 12 feet of tracks laying behind/under/in front of him. His legs were unusually spread out like a bear skin rug, his tongue hung out with a little blood under it. Also there was a huge amount of blood under him as if he was split open.
I was looking at this for a while as well as the woman next to me then all of a sudden what appeared to be a small white dog came up the street and next to the dead wolf, it sniffed around him but didn't seem concerned. I thought it was a friend of the wolf...(but maybe not) I had to refocus and noticed the dog had gotten bigger, it seemed to be some sort of "Afghan Hound" which was all white (beautiful, silky, glowing coat) with a long horse like mane. It also had blood on it's coat on the right side, just a smattering from the rib cage to the thigh. (But I don't think it was injured....I think it was the blood of the wolf)

It didn't really seem all that concerned about the wolf but just kinda looking & sniffing for something. Next to the wolf I noticed was a yellow blanket about 2-3 feet from him...just laying there. We went back into the other parts of the house to fellowship and take photos and noticed some sort of electrical portals opening up in various parts of the house. The woman next to me asked if I knew anything about them, and I told her no. She said she believed it to be some sort of witchcraft and that I needed to do something about it. I stuck out my right hand and began to pray/rebuke/cast out/call upon the name of Jesus and close them up. The woman with the camera followed suit. She said a few words that I cannot remember then I woke up.

(SIDE NOTE:) I've seen this wolf in various dreams... In one he was snarling and trying to intimidate my dog, also recently in a dream I saw him in a neighbors yard..He came to the window trying to be friendly but something inside said "Don't get to close to him" then he began to bark loudly and growl then opened up his mouth to reveal huge fangs and a large mouth like a shark.

Last summer when I lived in another state, I saw him in a vision outside my home in the woods, I heard him howl and a few days before that I heard some sniffing outside my window but saw nothing but I knew it was some sort of canine from the enemy's camp.

Can anyone make prophetic sense of this particular dream???? scratching chin

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