Child abuse!

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Child abuse!

Post by Daisy on Wed Mar 27, 2013 7:29 am

I was at first living in this college dorm, sharing a room with another student. There were lots of rooms, and people living here in this complex. There was a part where I was watching some its a child-center and my old boss was there (irl I had great favor with this employer...all the other girls would complain of her cutting hours and not giving raises, but she always gave me raises and NEVER once gave me less than 40 hours). Then, Im holding this baby, at first it seemed like it was someone elses baby, I could feel a little nugget in the baby's diaper (sorry, I dont know how else to explain it), it felt like a rock I guess. I knew the baby needed a change. The baby was less than a year old in the dream. I went to change the diaper, and there was another diaper overtop of the diaper. This was a cover-up of sorts. When I took the second diaper off the baby, I could see that this child had been abused! There was not any blood or gore, but I could tell this child's bottom did NOT look right. It was as if the childs bottom was hollow or something. I just knew this wasn't normal, and could have been going on for some time. It is at this point the child becomes mine in the dream. I start talking to the child, saying, "Is someone hurting you sweetheart? Please tell me who has been doing this horrible thing to you." It wasn't weird in the dream when the infant answered me back, speaking in full sentences, he told me the person responsible for this. The feeling in my gut was utter disgust....even as I type this the feeling comes into my stomach again. I cant believe this happened to my baby boy. I go immediately to talk to someone about this, and as I am telling someone about the child being abused...FLOODS of complaints are filing in at the same time against this person the baby told me was the abuser! I could see the man in the dream, he had a plaid blue shirt. I could see him in my mind in the dream...not face to face in the dream.

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