God gave me vision for my future husband

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God gave me vision for my future husband

Post by keke b on Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:15 pm

One Saturday morning as soon as I step my feet on the floor from getting out of the bed, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me and say I was going to meet someone outside of business inregards to my business card. As I was out selling my baked goods, the Holy Spirit told me to go back to this barbershop that I had just passed by and never had visited. I did just that. Once inside this business, I introduced who I am, and what I had. After having some transaction there, a man told me to go up stairs. I went up stairs and introduced myself etc... Not paying attention to the guys there because I was there for business only. One guy said to me Red Velvet is his favorite cake and do I sell them whole, and I told him yes. He asked if I had a business card and I gave it to him. Headed to the next spot, I get a text," Keke?" Unfimilar with the number , I replied yes. He text and say my name is TJ remember my name and I just got your card at the barbershop. Less than 5 mins he text back let's make a deal. He said I will buy a whole red velvet from you if you can show me around town. I am from Chicago, and a law student at FAMU. This is how Tj and I became acquainted. I really couldn't tell you how he looked because I didn't pay him any mind when I was to the barbershop. I'm not out here seeking for a mate, even though I want one. After talking on the phone a few times, I remember this one conversation in-depth. We both were talking about God and the calling on our lives and he mentioned we should go and check out some ministry schools together. This one remark he said to me over the phone was, " I believe I met my first lady." That touched me deep because hearing the excitement in his voice that I felt it was sincerely from his heart. To make a long story short, we ended up having relations and things went to spiraling down. What I should have done was seek God in the beginning and not once my heart was hurting. When I finally got an answer, the spirit said to me you tried when you didn't have to. I understood exactly what he meant. All I had to do was stand on my mark, instead of leaving it. See sin brings havoc in our lives. What was right, went wrong with the wrong move. When something is destin to be you don't have to try at all, but I kept trying to do things in my will. Then I wrote a petiton to my Daddy, inregards to my petition like 2 mths later on my way home, he showed me a vision of the contents that are within my petition and then said to me I heard your prayer, Next time he showed me another vision, he showed the things in my petition and said to me I answered. In my petiton it was about Tj and I, but I asked God that it be accordingly to his will. Since then God has been talikng to me about him, he wanted me to leave the promise in his hands, but I refused to let go. God keeps giving me assurance. I was led in scripture by the Holy Spirit to 1 John 5:14-15. 14) And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: 15) And if we know he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired. Do you see how my petition, my vision coincide with his word? See if I would have stand on my mark and stood for what's right, I believe Titus and I would be married today, but I caused my own delays. Yes women, we all want a husband, but are we ready. What issues do we have within that makes us look ugly when all your hurt and pain starts to reflect outwardly. See I should have became Titus best friend, so he could have understood my hurts moreso instead of him thinking that is my character. He ended up getting the reprecussions of my past. Yes, I am a good woman and all, but I have issues, and I'm certain he do too. 3 times before the year was out, and the first time was 5/22/2012 God said to me leave the promise at the alter and he took me to to scripture about Abraham and Isaac as I stood to the alter. He wanted me to trust him with the promise he have given to me and do I trust him to give it back. How I see it is if now as a symbol if I left him at the alter where the groom waits for his bride he will be there waiting for me in God's perfect timimg. On New Years Eve, at church they had an index card under our chairs and said to write things you wanted to get rid of in the new year. Boy, I was trying to hold on to Tj, but Godwas dealing with me how I made him an idol in my life unintentionally, so I had to put his name down and then they burn the card. See he dealt with me about how Abraham was obedient and put his promise on the alter just to get him back, but if he disobeyed he would have made Issac and idol over God. Yes, it hurts dearly when God has spoken to you about a particular person, shown visions, and give you assurance after assurance that it was he who spoke. Oh, and how I first met Tj at the barbershop was devine location for him to see me because I was not and still not looking for a spouse because it is the man who finds a good thing. I spoke with TJ recently only to get bad news that he has moved on and found someone in his Church and that he hopes we can be friends because he is connected to me. OUCH!!!!! That hurted. Yes I cried and I was wandering is it because I put his name on the cried. Guess what though, I'm going to be good because God is no man that he should lie and besides he created everything including marriage. If he wanted my attention, he got it know. I understand what he did. God don't want any idols in my life and things need to be put in it's proper place. I'm telling you ladies sin brings on fear where you can't operate accordingly and you make all kind of unwise bad mistakes. With all being said, this has put me back on the tracks where I need to be. God is not slack concerning his promise; as some men count slackness; but is long-sufering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but all should come to repentance. This verse in 2 Peter 1:4 has done just that. I'm more rejoiceful now because God loves me so much that the sin had to be dealt with because he don't want for any of us to perish. Last but least, keep this in mind. Prusue the promiser and not the promise for the promise don't owe you, come to the one who gave it, so he can fulfill it. This goes back to seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteouness so all these things can be added unto you. I may be delayed but I am not denied. And stop worrying about how God is going to handle his business because that is none of our business. Come on we need to reevaluate spritually as woman of God. He gave us Jesus, the greatest gift of them all, so why would he withhold a man? I decided to trust my Father and let his hands move and touch whom ever it needs to. Every time I try I fail. I am blessed because he gives me understanding and assurance to my visions and dreams. Ps when he told me he met someone at Church with emphasis, it hurted because see don't noone knows on my alone time how i seek and worship him. Lesson learnt, never leave your mark for no man because I rather be ridicule on my mark than being ridicule leaving my mark for any man. Bottom line, my light should shine at all time, but that time I let it become dim instead. When he finish with me this time, I'm going to be shining brighter than a diamond! He is a restorer and know he will mend any broken relationship.

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