Embarrasment on the Job

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Embarrasment on the Job

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:20 pm

Had a dream where I was in the back part of my job bending over something (my behind was in the air; I think I was getting mop bucket water ready). There were several guys standing around me (two in particular IRL that like me or desire to date me, etc). Each time I bent over, the two guys would take there turn to press themselves up against me (I know, VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!Lol)..Anyway, I would straighten up my posture and the guys would act as though they didn't do what they were doing (they begin to laugh and joke with eachother). On the last time that I had bent over, I remember one of the guys went a little too far and put one of his hands in the back of my pants. I had on a pad (I guess because I was on my monthly cycle) and he pulled it out for everyone to see--his expression on his face changed to suprise and then when I looked at the pad there was only ONE drop of blood on it (not looking disgusting at all, but I guess the guy was disgusted!!) Anyway, I grew angry and agitated and told the guy to "come here" because I was going to hurt him! I thought about choking him, but he started for the emergency exit door--not wanting me to catch him! I WAS SO ANGRY BECAUSE I SO WANTED TO HURT HIM!!!

IRL, this guy was trying to "get close" with me but I wasn't "feeling him" so to speak because first of all he's a coworker, second--to young and thirdly he was rude and blunt. Now that he knows others have interest he is trying to be nicer and DO MORE to get my attention. He has started mess on the job and has discouraged other guys on the job from trying to "date me". I don't know WHAT his problem is!!!
Desiree (Starpop)
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