A couple interesting but short dreams...

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A couple interesting but short dreams...

Post by rosebush on Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:20 pm

This one has me looking out the side door of my childhood home. I am seeing my son Matthew (gift of God) taking a car out for a drive around Lake Harriet -- a city lake that was very popular. I have thoughts of concern that I keep to myself that -- "he hasn't even had behind the wheel training yet."

In real life this son had gotten as far as getting his permit, lacked motivation to pursue further, and eventually lost his permit for a reason that I am uncertain, but possibly he just didn't get it renewed. He's in the autism range and has had difficulty getting basics of his life together. So mamma is not too upset that he has not pursued as I don't believe he is ready for the responsibility.

Uncertain what Matthew in this dream pertains to. I am also aware that son has the calling of a prophet/teacher but is hostile to the gospel. Wonder if it could be about family at large.


Dream 2 --

I'm driving in a car somewhere and notice storm clouds. I believe there is a tornado and seek to find shelter. Strangely in the dream I believe I am heading for a basement, but realize I am in a car and there is no basement. I do a counterclockwise circle around the car and look up at the sky again, realizing there is nothing truly perilous, no tornado in sight, and head back into the driver's seat.

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