Dreaming I'm where I'm praying about going to

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Dreaming I'm where I'm praying about going to

Post by Brydie on Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:15 am

Hey guys... I've recently visited a particular church which is a long way from home.. I went because I felt perhaps the Holy Spirit is leading me to go to bible school through this ministry... It seems ridiculous, but the urge would not go over a long period of time... So after praying earnestly and asking for A.confirmation or B. forgiveness for keeping in giving considerable thought to something that could be me.... It seemed after this prayer confirmation came and the doors were open so I made a big step to travel overseas to check things out. While traveling I actually forgot about study possibilities and just went to visit.. But when I got there again I felt very strong to come and study. When I got there I realised I had a couple of dreams which showed me God had pre planned this trip.. Things I would never have realised where associated with the destination.
I have family and moving internationally to study is a massive move, which seems impossible actually. I have since found options to study a similar course online.... BUT... I have been praying regarding and have had numerous dreams now of being at the church and studying there.....last night after praying about decisions, I had a dream I was there studying, and living happy everyday life.
I have never had so many dreams regarding what I'm thinking about, especially such casual everyday life dreams......,,, could this be because I'm thinking about it... Or could it be The Lord giving me hope to hold on to, so I don't sign up for other courses:-) any ideas?

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Re: Dreaming I'm where I'm praying about going to

Post by Mia Sherwood on Fri Mar 22, 2013 4:40 pm

If you prayed and asked God to give you wisdom and you saw yourself there happy... I would take that as a great confirmation. Sometimes, we dream about doing something and the dreams don't show us doing the thing but not very happy. I would say that those dreams are God showing us NOT to do something.

Looks like a good thing to me but I would ask at least two very wise people to give you their opinions before making a final decision.


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