Holy spirit taking over me

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Holy spirit taking over me

Post by Destine on Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:17 pm

In my dream, I'm driving (I'm driving my mom's car) from work, I go home to change clothes, than I call up my friend. I pick Elle (my friend up) from her house, we head to a passover service. During the teaching, the pastor says "The holy spirit dwells so strongly in others, you can feel it just by shaking their hand" He then walks up to me, shakes my hand and starts to shiver. Myself and Elle go into the restroom, the toilets have water flowing out of them, kind of like a river.
When service is concluded, we go into another room to fellowship with others. I walk past the pastor's wife and wave, she stops her previous conversation. She looks at me firmly, with tears in her eyes saying, "The holy spirit is taking over your mind, even when you drive a car, it won't be you but the holy spirit. He's getting involved in your intellectual."
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