Handcuffed and Taken Away

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Handcuffed and Taken Away

Post by egil on Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:44 pm

This guy had a blue and black leather jacket on. He was fussing at me about his business called the music store. After fussing he grabbed my fingers. He said will talk. I was irritated because he could fuss out loud in front of other people but silently kind of apologize. The fussing had to do with him mentioning how I would always go back and use old information for the bio. I'm not sure if he was referring to the bio for the business or his personal bio well professional bio. He said it needs to be updated. I told him I emailed him questions that would've helped that but he never answered meaning the emails. But the questions I emailed him was actually for the business plan I was trying to save face. So I asked him what does he want me to do or what does he want to do. That's when he grabbed maybe two of my fingers and he said will talk.
An officer in a brown suit handed him something my friend said he would open it later. The officers said something to let him know that he must open it now. It looked like how a boarding pass looks. And I believe it was in a regular white envelope. After he got the letter/ticket he walked to his garage. He had a smile on his face cracking jokes. I heard someone tell him he smelled good. I was thinking it would have drawn attention to the smoke smell on him. But then I thought that he covers it up well. On his way to the garage I saw a mutual friend of ours. When the officer approached him she looked really mad at the officer. I was somewhat irritated with that because I was thinking don't get mad if you did something wrong he needs to pay for it or be punished for it I only noticed females in this garage so my friend was over by some stats being handcuffed. This girl with this really short skirt or dress on and black sheer stockings started crying and saying something. When she turned around and faced me I didn't see any tears. Her hair was dark and in a bob hairstyle. I didn't want to turn my back on him. I thought about a previous stream when he said I'm the only one that will pray touch and agree with and for him. So I turned my head to give him my contact. I noticed the side part of his face. I think he was looking back while being handcuffed. He went up the side stairs in the garage and it looked like it wasn't easy. His balance was probably off because he was cuffed but it seemed like his ankles were to because of the way he went up. I just noticed him going up one step. I believe it was my college roommate that was with me. We began to head out of the garage but the officer/agent pushed a button and the garage door began to close. I screamed and that's when he pushed the button to let it back up. It had been closed all the way. It was weird because I'm assuming that this was the same am handed him the ticket/letter but I didn't see him with the officer so maybe there was another officer that I just didn't see that put the handcuffs on him after he was handcuffed he said he mentioned how now he wouldn't have many Facebook friends and how everyone's going to know. I said to my former college roommate or thought he doesn't get it people do care about him. So my old college roommate the officer in the brown suit and myself were standing in front of the officer's car he asked me who I was to the guy and if I was family. I told him family something like family. He mentioned how he had been in that house for three months. The officer seem like he wanted to tell me stuff but maybe couldn't. He mentioned six years ago. I think he asked if I had seen his record. Maybe it all began six years ago. I asked officer if he'd get his license suspended. The officer mentioned if he goes to his probation officer... The officer mentioned that he had a long list of things I think that six years ago I said so he got a ticket for running a red light than he got another one for let's say not stopping at a stop sign? The officer said I was very smart. Maybe that's when I asked about his license being taken from officer saying something about the probation officer. Then it began snowing. My old college roommate made a comment about the snow. It was coming down pretty good maybe even almost small snowflake like. It was weird though because it wasn't cold outside.

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