Weird wig, tiny houses...

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Weird wig, tiny houses...

Post by Shan on Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:27 pm

I dreamed that something was wrong with my hair, like it was thinning due to a medical condition (I felt it was temporary.) I was looking for wigs and I came across these wigs that looked like doll hair with yarn and it was braided. The wig was supposed to be the start of a new trend and it fit more like a big bowl on top of your head and didn't feel or look natural. What I found to be odd was that the person who was making and selling them was my high school best friend's mom. She was always a little eccentric and worldly. I tried on the wig and it looked okay I guess, but it was brown and my hair is blonde. I went back and forth trying to decide if I wanted one.

In the midst of this dream, I was helping someone to find a house to live in. It was in the same community as where the wigs were. The community was a working class community and the people were poor. The houses we were looking at were old and dilapidated. Some were yucky trailers and others were tiny, tiny houses. Some of them were yellow and I'd always point to the yellow ones and say, "Oh, that's nice." I remember one or two being baby blue and I liked those as well. I don't remember who I was trying to find this house for, nor do I remember if I bought the wig. EOD
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