Repost:U.S. Map highlighted with two numbers flashing.

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Repost:U.S. Map highlighted with two numbers flashing.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:36 pm

Hello Beloved ones of the most high God. I have a dream I need confirmation on.

I saw the map of the united states as if I were in the air floating looking down. I saw two areas on the map highlighted and blinking at me on the left hand side of the map. Both of the highlighted areas were numbered, one number was 8 and the other one was numbered but I do not remember what number was. I reached down to open the number 8 by touching it to see what was under the number. I touched the number with my finger it opened up and in big letters it said, "Jeanie." which is my name. Then as I looked closer to the map the lines all over the map of the U.S. began to get intense and the lines began to move and I began to see through the lines like beyond into the future. It was as if the lines where moving to form something or be removed all together It was so intense I could not handle it that I pulled away from the map, then I woke up.

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