First Shift Ate Our Food!

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First Shift Ate Our Food!

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:33 am

The dream begins with me bringing a crock pot into the break room at work. The thing was full of hot dogs that, apparently, I had made. I placed it on a table among the food that others had brought. It seemed that our shift would be getting together later on to have this potluck.

The dream skips forward, and we return to the breakroom. All the hot dogs had been eaten by first shift while we were away. I was quite upset that they would do this.

The dream changes slightly at this point. I'm still in a break room type of place, but I'm not with coworkers - I'm with family. It feels more like I'm at my Aunt's house. My cousin's son is among us, and my siblings are around. Things get a little fuzzy here, but there's a feeling that I want to go home...or that it's nearly time for us to leave. The son is antsy and really wants to leave now, but everyone tells him that we have to wait a little bit longer. I head to a different room to speak to my Aunt - it's a short conversation, and then I return to where my siblings are.

Here's where it gets tricky: The view is different now. We're actually sitting in more of an outdoors at picnic tables? We're definitely outside, because I can see the street and sidewalks near us. There's a steep hill that runs past where we are, and I see a man on some type of sit-down scooter thing - like a skateboard, but big enough to sit on. He's headed along and reaches the hill part where he doesn't stop - he just goes zipping down the hill. My thoughts about him are that he doesn't realize just how steep it is, and his contraption doesn't have any means of braking. I am concerned that he's going to end up hurt, but there's nothing I can do.

Then, a grandmotherly lady and her grandchild come toward us, each on a bicycle. The grandmother doesn't stop before she gets to us, and she runs smack into one of the picnic tables, flipping off her bike. I'm extremely worried about her, and jump up and head right over to her just a few feet away. Very politely, I ask if she's ok (saying "ma'am" and whatnot). She's alright, but maybe a little embarrassed. The granddaughter, on the other hand, is complaining to the grandmother about us being at the picnic tables. Apparently, she had expected to have them to herself. The grandmother tells her that she'll have to wait a bit.

The first part of the dream has to be about work - that's a given. The hot dogs...well, I'd probably never cook a batch of hot dogs in a crock pot and bring them in. However, of all the foods to choose for this dream, God picked that one - and it fits a running joke at work. There's a guy who was raised to call them "Hut Dogs." He spells them "Hot Dogs," but says "Hut." I always razz him when he does. So, somehow this dream must relate to him?

The 2nd part where I'm at my Aunt's could be about Easter? We always have it at her house, and that's the next opportunity for all of our family to come together...

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