Title character in a play...

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Title character in a play...

Post by Shan on Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:43 pm

I dreamed I got the lead in a play that I didn't try out for. It was an epic, period piece with LOTS of lines to memorize. The period piece felt like it wasn't America, I want to say that it was either France or Italy, but that may not really matter here. There were three men (Alan, Eric and Brandon --I put this here only for my memory purposes) who were co-starring with me, all of whom I knew from years ago. They all seemed to really respect me and I couldn't figure out why they wanted to co-star with me and why I felt so comfortable with them. I couldn't figure out why I was chosen and I had lots of doubts if I could do it or not as I hadn't had any training. I was somewhat fearful to perform in front of what felt like would be thousands of people.

I knew I had some time to practice and memorize the lines and I talked myself into believing that I could do it, especially since the directors had chosen me and actors believed in me. As I walked around the set, it felt really amazing and comfortable. I almost believed I was the person I was playing, as if I couldn't distinguish between her and me. The only other thing I remember is that I ended up looking forward to doing the play.
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