A Ride with My Boss, Missing Purse, a Child Who Needs Attention and A Slice of Pie

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A Ride with My Boss, Missing Purse, a Child Who Needs Attention and A Slice of Pie

Post by rosebush on Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:23 pm

Had this dream recently, shortly after I left this job working for this boss.

I was at my childhood home in the living room, getting ready to go with the boss from my recently quit job. I've put on a red dress and red shoes, hoping he will be happy with that. I grab my purse (believe it was white) and head to the side door to leave. Next I find myself outside same home, getting into a car that is parked on the RT side of the street. My boss is getting into the front seat passenger seat. I am getting into the back seat passenger seat, directly behind him. Don't know who was driving, but someone other than either of us. I do realize as I'm getting into the seat that the purse I had picked up to take with me is no longer with me, but I get into the car anyway.

Next we are seated at a table, boss across from me, someone to my left, an unknown woman, holding a young blonde attentional girl on her lap. By attentional I mean that this is a child that requires a lot of attention, which the lady is giving to her. So I am just noting this child that needs attention and is getting it, not feeling judgmental about that, just a need getting met. The lady was touching her face, stroking her as the little girl carried on. There is food on the table and a pie in front of me. We are just sitting at the table and no one is talking to anyone -- emphasis on the needy child. Think it is fresh strawberry or some sort of berry pie. I cut a slice with a knife and I am scooping it out with a pie server when the dream ends.


Seeing that I quit this job on not great terms, I had ambivalent feelings about this dream, thinking possibly I was the child needing attention or something. I left this job because I was being singled out and picked on in a very odd sorta way by the administrator. There have been several issues I was concerned about with this job of driving school bus. Mainly that we are asked to drive these fully loaded, really overloaded, buses of school children with absolutely no monitor for the kids. One year I counted 124 students assigned to ride my route. I just prayed as complaining often isn't effective, and boss showed up at my bus door one day and soon after one of my stops was eliminated, giving us some much-needed breathing room. As a prophetic person, I saw quickly after starting this job the need of the kids for someone to attend to them while riding the bus. I've been on a prayer front and others with me, asking for help with the students. With recent news events of buses and schools and children being under assault by various terribly misguided people, I have had it on my heart to make the public aware on line of the need to step up supervision of the students and help for the drivers to provide extra safety to school kids during their bus rides. One adult can do some good to keep students safe, but how much more can students be protected with 2 adults aboard the bus. I have been praying about fed and state laws requiring at least volunteer parents/grandparents and other concerned citizens of the communities to ban together to fill this need. Somehow I think the dream is about providing children with the proper attention and supervision they need. I am hoping the slice of pie is indicative of a win for the kids in our country. Sure hope I am not misguided in this.

I did suffer some issues with neglect as a child, like many kids, but didn't see myself as an attentional kid at all, on the contrary. Certainly though I think having experienced the issue myself as a child is a seed for me to be an advocate for children getting their basic needs met. Being a mother also, I know how difficult that can be to meet those needs -- no condemnation intended! Often it is easier to identify a need than it is to figure a way to meet the need, even with the best of intentions.

Dreamster helped me with the possible meaning of the missing purse in the symbols section. Thanks Dreamster!

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Re: A Ride with My Boss, Missing Purse, a Child Who Needs Attention and A Slice of Pie

Post by Mia Sherwood on Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:56 pm

The scripture that came to me when reading this is this:

God will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies.

I didn't read anything but the dream so Ithat the interpretation wasn't clouded so I hope this helps.


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