In Church With Old Ladies (Manifested)

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In Church With Old Ladies (Manifested)

Post by ispeaktheword on Tue Feb 26, 2013 3:05 pm

Hello Everyone,

I posted this dream Nov. 2009 and it manifested a month later. Sorry I'm posting 3 years later. lol!

I'm sitting in the pew of this church. Its kind of empty. One by one old Caucasian ladies were going up to pray or be prayed for. Then this old lady is waving for me to come on. I see Mother Johnson (a prayer warrior in my church, older woman) sitting in a pew to my right. I get up to make my way to the old lady but I'm very hesitant. She moves me along by hitting me hard on my left arm and I fall down. I stayed down on the ground crying. Mother Johnson came over to comfort and encourage me. Any thoughts?

This dream was about a temp assignment I had at UPS. This is a short excerpt from my blog giving an explanation of this dream:

All of a sudden, I remembered my dream. I scanned the dingy dim lit room I worked in and noticed all the women were old enough to be my mother. The same feelings I felt in the dream I was experiencing in reality. I became extremely overwhelmed because there was a purpose in me being there. I felt so much compassion for these people. I felt responsible for their souls. I needed to understand what my assignment was at this job, so I reached out to Mother J.

One evening after bible study I explained my dream to Mother J. I asked her if was to talk to these people about Jesus? This made me nervous because I didn't want to turn these people off with all this Jesus talk. Mother J reminded me "One person plants the seeds, another person waters it and God gives the increase" 1 Corinthians 3:6-7. She said all I need to do is listen to the needs of these people and pray for them. Pray for Salvation and healing in their lives. I felt encouraged and comforted by her words. For the next month and a half, I became a listening ear, an encourager and a prayer intercessor for my co-workers at UPS.

The dream God gave me was prophetic. It was about the future and an assignment he had for me. The old women in the dream represented the women I was going to work with. The annoying feelings I had and the hesitations were true feelings that I was going to experience. The woman waving for me to come meant that I had an assignment from God. Me falling down in a fetal position and crying represented my intercession for these people. Mother J. represented herself as an encourager. I had no clue what this dream meant until I experienced it. God cares about everyone!! He wanted to bring healing and Salvation to a small group of people that I didn't know existed. He used me to plant the seeds and hopefully someone else will water them.


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